XCOM: Enemy Unknown Shooting Game Makes Debut on Android

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If you are a big fan of shooting games involving supernatural creatures like aliens and you are using Android phone then your days of joy are not far away. The immensely famous, turn-based title XCOM: Enemy Unknown has finally been launched for Android users. It is going to be rolled out today. Firaxis Games’s tricky and fantastic shooter can be found just for $10 on Google Play. This is half the cost of the game being sold on iOS play store for $20. The price for this game is quite decent considering the effort required to prepare the game and its graphics. It is certain that you will get your money’s worth from this game.

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You will play the role of the Commander of the XCOM and you are tasked with completely functional bases. You have to discover the alien technologies, coordinate and plan attack missions, and lead the attack against the alien enemies. In short, you are the last hope of the survival of the Earth that is under threat of being overwhelmed by the aliens. There are no in-app purchases that make you conquer all the levels of the game with one time purchase.

The game will be updated at some point of time to provide support for asynchronous multiplayer via Google game Services. However, we cannot provide the exact time in which this feature will be introduced.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released for iOS last year in June. Those who have experienced playing this game on iOS have revealed the fact that this game puts a lot of burden on the battery of the mobile. The IGN described the draining of battery as one mission can take up to 25% of the battery of the battery of iPhone 5S. So you really shouldn’t expect to play long sessions of the game outside.

The theme of the whole game is based on the missions. You have team of customizable soldiers that head around the world to stop the threat of the aliens. We can only hope that this game doesn’t put burden on the battery on Android platform as compared to that on iOS.

There were some issues with the asynchronous multiplayer on the iOS according to the review of PCMag’s Jeff Wilson, but it is still expected that this feature will be released for Android soon. It is hoped that this feature works flawlessly on new platform.


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