WhatsApp for Windows PC and Web Coming Soon

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WhatsApp is definitely a wonderful app for texting your friends and staying in touch with them for free. You just need to have internet on your Android/iOS device and then you can chat endlessly to your friends on WhatsApp. What if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet for using WhatsApp? How will you chat with your large community of friends if you just have a PC? The answers to these questions are under discussion these days by WhatsApp management and developers. It is hoped that the web version of WhatsApp will be launched soon.

The rumors of about the plans for releasing the web version of WhatsApp came from the co-founder of the rival messaging app Telegram, Pavel Durov. He told TechCrunch that he thought the web version of WhatsApp will be released soon since they hired web dev of Telegram. However, WhatsApp hasn’t confirmed this rumor to be true.

The rumors of Pavel Durov are strengthened by the evidence presented by a team at AndroidWorld.nl. Moreover, when you look at the recent WhatsApp update, you will find the “WhatsApp Web” there.

whats app code

In addition to the explicitly mentioning the “WhatsApp Web” in the code, the developers also mentioned logging into the web service as well as references for tracking statuses online.

The only hurdle in the path of web version of WhatsApp seems to be the authentication of person using the app. The smartphones version of WhatsApp takes the identity of a user from its mobile number. The web version will not have this provision. Moreover, it will be difficult to find your friends, who are using web versions of WhatsApp, from your mobile.

With over 600 million users, WhatsApp is the biggest and most popular messaging service all over the world. The fact that it still doesn’t offer the web version is simply unacceptable, when its competitors like Viber, Line, Telegram, and WeChat all allow you to message on your phone or via the web.

The authenticity of the rumors and evidences is still a concern, but we can still safely say that WhatsApp will certainly launch app for PC users soon to stay in competition with its rivals.



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