WhatsApp for Nokia Android Review


With the growing and increase in pace of social life among different societies of the world, we are facing an impressive revolution in the development of chatting and messaging platforms. In the recent years we have seen a number of messaging platforms in the market. As we all know that we are connected to each other globally via the means of these platforms. Chatting has become a fashion rather than a trend; it has become a daily routine of your generation’s life being.

There are a number of such platforms that have been made available for us, which includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Hike and many more. If we are to distinguish which one is the best for us, it will be quiet tricky to decide as there are pros and cons of all several messaging made available to us. So according to ones need, we can choose up the best chatting platform considering up all the pros and cons. So now we will talk about one of the most widely used such platform, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used chatting platforms available in the market. WhatsApp was initially prepared by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009, WhatsApp team was initially started with 55 members but now there are thousands of people working under this organisation. On February 19, 2014 WhatsApp was taken over by Sir. Mark Zukerbery, who is the founder of Facebook. He invested nearly $19 billion and completely took over all the services and shares of WhatsApp and is now the sole owner of WhatsApp.

Via WhatsApp we can easily send and receive text messages, audio messages or clips, video clips, contact information, and your current location to anyone you like. WhatsApp messenger is available for all the platform of Smartphone, be it android, windows, iOS, symbian or Blackberry. WhatsApp initially faced a lot of ups and downs with its initial release in 2009.

WhatsApp is currently the best rated messaging application available in the market competing with many other chatting platforms like Line, WeChat etc. WhatsApp is facing a tough competition with such Asian based platforms. Currently WhatsApp has over 500 million active users with over 20 billion messages being sent per day.

Features of WhatsApp for Nokia Android:

FREEWARE: All you need to do is just download the WhatsApp application onto your Nokia Smartphone and follow the registration procedures. First year is a free subscription, and then you will have to pay a checksum of around $1. All you need is a working internet plan with your network provider and no additional charges are application thereby.
ATTACHMENTS: You can share your pictures, audio clips, videos, contact information and much more all for free.

GROUP CHAT: You can make a group of your favourite contacts and enjoy group conversations.

NO LOGIN TENSION: You need not to login in or out again and again, once register an account and enjoy free services.

INTERNATIONAL: There are no additional charges for international sharing of information, you can chat with your friends around the globe with no additional cost.

USERNAMES: There are no such complications like username or id or pin, you phone number is your individuality and nothing more is required.

EASE OF USE: All you need is to save a contact number, if that number is registered on WhatsApp you will automatically see his tag in your WhatsApp contact information, just click on the contact and enjoy chatting.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: There are some additional features of WhatsApp that include sharing of contact information, your current location, customization of WhatsApp notification sounds, E-mailing the chat history, broadcasting any message to a list of people, MMS to many contacts with one single click, customizing wallpaper of your WhatsApp and many more things.


It is very simple to download WhatsApp messenger for your Nokia phone, just follow the link provided below and click and install it manually.

whatsapp messenger

  • For iPhone
  • For Android
  • For BlackBerry
  • For Nokia Symbian
  • For Windows Phone

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