Use Google +Post Ads To Promote Your Content [Guide]



Google +Post Ads give your content huge visibility over millions of people. You can use its service to advertise your content to specific people who have keen interest in your content.

What are Google +Post Ads

There is tons of content available on internet and the audience can`t handle all the content. This leads to less visibility of your content. Though you would be creating quite interesting content but the problem is all this is limited to your readers and some social media. This is where +Post Ads will help you out to put your content in front of millions of people and not just any people, people who are actually interested in your content.

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With +Post Ads you pay to get your content displayed as an ad on relevant Third-Party website. +Post Ads are served through Google`s Display Network. Google Display Network is a paid ad service which will show your ad on third-party relevant website and to people who are interested in your product or service. To get Google +Post Ads service you need to have 1,000 Google+ followers for your qualified brand.

Keep Google+ Content good for better +Post Ads

+Post Ads use Google+ updates, so it is important to keep it updated with best content. So when the Google+ content looks good, your +post Ads will also attract more people. Use attractive images, videos, powerful content and attractive formatting for both Google+ and +Post Ads to increase interaction.

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How to create Google +Post Ads

Create a New Adwords Campaign

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To start, you need to create New Adwords Campaign. Here you can choose the name for your Campaign and the location where ad should be displayed. There is an option to select your language and select your daily budget for ads, you can select it manually or Google can select it automatically.


Create your Ad Group

Here you can select the group in which your product or service belongs. You select ad and keywords related to the same group. You can select Auto Targets to show your product ad when related search terms are searched and also select how much you are willing to pay for a click.

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Create Ad

Create an ad using given templates and provide URL which you want to promote. After creating you can change display settings and preview your ad, just save the ad to post it.

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