Twitter Balloon: An Amazing Bubble Based Twitter App For Android

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Bubbles were first introduced for Facebook, and they went big with Facebook Chat Heads setup. Since then bubbles have come up every now and then in different places. Now the bubble concept is available for Twitter. A new app called Tweet Balloon puts the twitter icon into a movable bubble on your phone’s screen. This app gives you an easy access to your Twitter’s timeline where ever you want.

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The concept of this app is interesting and is well executed. Like all other Twitter apps, it allows you to view your comments, read your tweets, see direct messages and do all the standard stuff. The first step towards using this app is that you download it from Google play store and install it. After you activate your app a balloon containing the Twitter icon in it, will float on the left side of your Android screen. The moment you tap it, you will be able to see your complete twitter timeline in a window that will appear on top of anything you are doing.


The good thing about Tweet Balloon is that its bubble stays out of your way by automatically hiding itself. To make the bubble more intrusive you can bring it to the center of your screen, if you want to get rid of it altogether you should tap on the bubble and bring it down to the “x” that come into sight at the bottom of your mobile screen. The app will not check for updates automatically, infact you have to go to setting and set the refresh interval. It also supports filters that help you with the removal of mentions and replies from your timeline. To filter them out you have to tap on the more Button placed on the action bar and then tap on Fliter Feed. You can also customize the font size and notifications.

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Although the app previously didn’t support multiple accounts, but now it does along with the ability to follow mention with the help of the balloon and associating balloon with other peoples timeline.

You can now download Tweet Balloon from Google Play Store

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