Talko App for Collaborative VOIP Voice Communications on iPhone

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Talko is perhaps the best app to modify the ways in which the consumers and enterprises collaborate with each other with the help of a mix of live and asynchronous voice communications. This app is the masterpiece of Microsoft Chief Architect Ray Ozzie and his team. You will find plenty of innovative apps for messaging that allow you to share your feelings and emotions. This app brings the voice communication to the scene for effective collaboration between different people. This app has been designed for the professionals so that they can keep track of their discussions in live calls.

Talko replaces your usual conference line with VoIP, cloud-based calls between different team members. The app records your entire live conversation for making it accessible for those who are busy while the call is going on. It also allows the users to create bookmarks inside the conversation and then tag other users with action items.

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The most important aspect of the app is that the conversation doesn’t end when a particular call is over. Any member of the team can easily start a new call or add the voice-based follow-ups to the conversation. They will be easily shared asynchronously with the rest of the participants. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page, whether they were included in the call or not. The users in the group can also add photos and text in line with the conversation that gets shared with all the participants.

All the data is stored on the Talko servers and also cached to the devices of the participants in the smart manner to ensure than the app doesn’t overrun with media playback that the users isn’t accessing.

Like many other user-centric enterprise apps, Talko is targeting the bottom-up approach to user acquisition. It aims to engage a few users who will invite their coworkers and team members for using the same group of features in an attempt to accomplish big jobs collaboratively.

In short, Talko will increase your business efficiency when you need to collaborate with your project fellows and team members remotely.


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