Taking Notes Directly from the Notification Centre in iOS 8

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Taking Notes Directly from the Notification Centre in iOS 8

Ever since iOS 8 is released, the developers are looking forward to introducing innovative widgets, apps, and tweaks to improve the user experience from the previous versions of iOS. Earlier, you had to switch to the official apps for performing the desired actions that was quite time consuming since you had to leave the apps you are already working on. iOS 8 offers the great functionality of performing various routine tasks from your Notification centre. You will be amazed to know that the Notification centre widgets can prompt keyboard inputs from users. I will show you how to take notes directly from the Notification Centre in iOS 8 using Neato widget.

How to Take Notes Directly from Notification Centre in iOS 8

Downloading and Enabling Neato

To take full advantage of app, download it from the iTunes play store. The app contains two great tutorials on enabling and using widgets. Bring down the Today view in the Notification Centre and click on “Edit”. You need to tap on the green + button beside the Neato button for enabling the widget.

Accessing the Neato Widget

Simply slide down the Notification Centre, and you will see an empty text field in the Neato widget. When you tap on the field, the keyboard will pop up without the predictive text feature of iOS 8.

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You can write anything in the empty text field and it will be saved. You can access the text later on also. This is simply an awesome way for jotting down the quick notes such as a phone number while attending the call.

Sharing Quick Notes on Evernote and Dropbox

Another awesome feature of Neato is that you can share the quick notes on Evernote or Dropbox.

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Send to Twitter, Mail, or Messages

You can use the “Send” feature of Neato to share the quick notes on Twitter, Mail, or text messages. This feature takes you to the actual app for the input. The Neato’s experience is quite close to the Twitter and Facebook widgets before iOS 7.

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After using this wonderful widget, you will certainly praise the ease with which you can write, save, and share your notes on cloud drives and social media.


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