Tails: Most Secure OS in the World [Edward Snowden Used It]



Your computer is the perfect source for tracking your actions that you perform on it. As soon as you boot up, your actions are recorded in the background in different ways. When you visit some website frequently, the data contained in it gets cached. Tracking cookies follow you from session to session and page to page. These traces are in addition to the marks left by your usual IP address. When you continuously login from Google or Facebook, the visit to each site gets tied to your offline identity. If anyone wants to harm you, he can easily track your activities by adding a malware in your PC. To overcome this issue, the security system of the PC should be foolproof to save any kind of intruder attack on your PC. Recently, a new operating system has been launched called as Tails that leaves only negligible traces. It is launching version 1.0 after around five years of open development.

This new system gets fresh as soon as you boot up your PC. There are absolutely no saved files or programs as you shut down your system. It means that you delete everything in it as you boot it up for a fresh look. It is simply the digital equivalent of buying new laptop for every new session, and throwing it into the river once your purpose is fulfilled.

tails 2

This trick as gained plenty of attraction for the users. It is already hailed as standard software at Glenn Greenwalds First Look Media. Tor researcher Jacob Appelbaum praised this wonderful project at this year’s Chaos Communication Congress. During March, Tails received the grant of $50000 to keep the project up and going. According to the stats, nearly 8500 PCs booted up on the Tails on the given day. 500 more PCs booted up before the release of the Tail. Those are certainly appreciating statistics for t project that is not easy to use. It only performs the tiny function of securing your computer. If you really need to have a secure line, Tails is the best way to get it. In this era of NSA, that is quite a rare thing.

tails one

Tails function by starting your computer off of an external disk that may be a USB drive, a CD, or an SD card. To reach this level, the developers have really worked hard in their spare time to build a miniscule budget.

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