Simple Run Blocker helps you in Restricting Access of Apps to Unauthorized Users

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Monitoring what your children are doing on PC is a must thing today, you don’t want them to access web pages which are not appropriate for their age, or access any of your important and private software. Although Windows do have an inbuilt parental control system which gives you complete control of your computer but many people find its interface complex and convoluted. So, in-case you are looking for something straight, simple and easy; Simple Run blocker is the answer.

Simple Run Blocker is famous for its light weight and user friendly interface. You don’t even have to worry about installing the setup. Due to its portability, all you have to do is; download the ZIP file and extract the EXE file from it.

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Now because of Simple Run Blocker, blocking applications and different web-pages have become easy.   Once launched, you will come across a very user friendly interface. You can add EXE file by simply using the drag and drop option and clicking on the Save Settings button. Once the EXE are added the executable will automatically be blocked. You may have to restart your internet explorer once to twice for the settings to work. Another way of adding the program for blocking in Simple Run Blocker is; click on the add button placed on the right side at the top of the interface and select the respective application from file browser. You can easily add or remove programs or restricted or unrestricted webs pages.

You can also define the restriction type. For that you have to click on the drop down menu placed on the extreme left top.  This is where Simple Run Blocker has edge over other blocking software. Now you can decide how much access you want other to have over your PC. There is “Block all except the list below” mode in which only the programs you have specified in the list will work and the rest will be blocked. Then you have “Block only the list below” mode in which all the programs that are part of the list will be blocked. And the last is “Disable Blocking” according to this mode no application is blocked.

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Whenever a user will try to access a blocked application a message dialogue box will appear stating the operation is canceled due to certain restriction.

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Now you can download Simple Run Blocker From Here

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