How to Secretly Take Photos on iPhone with Screen Turned Off

Secretly Take Photos on iPhone with Screen Turned Off 1


The iOS 7 users found an innovative trick back in 2013 to secretly snap photos using their iPhone while their screen was turned off. This was possible due to the multitasking feature of iOS 7. That solution should also work on iOS 8. However, when you have a jailbroken iPhone, such tricks are always there in the Cydia store. This article will present the idea to secret take photos on iPhone with screen turned off by using Stealth Cam, which is a jailbreak app by Malcolm Hall.

With the help of Stealth Cam app, you can use your camera to take photos or shoot videos with the screen turned off. In this way, you will not only be able to save your device’s battery, but also avoid creating the distraction for others while you are taking photos or even recording videos.

Secretly Take Photos on iPhone with Screen Turned Off 2

For using this app, you need to press the sleep button when you are in the camera app. Your volume buttons will control the camera shutter button. You can also start recording the video using the screen first, and then press sleep for continuing recording with the screen off.

Secretly Take Photos on iPhone with Screen Turned Off 3

The Stealth Cam app doesn’t do anything extraordinary for achieving the simple functionality of hiding your actions when you are snapping photos secretly. The app keeps the camera app in action even when your device is sleeping. However, you will not have visual sight of what is being captured with your camera. However, you can easily tradeoff the quality of picture with the secrecy of your acts.

Another bonus feature of the app is that, you can use the volume buttons as the shutter button in any app that uses the camera such as in Facebook.

Capturing a completely covert photo or video is as simple as anything using Stealth Cam app. Nobody will doubt that you are snapping photos using your volume control buttons.

The app costs you just $0.99 from the BigBoss repository of Cydia store, which is nothing when you consider the interesting features of this app. The developer of the app has offered backward compatibility to ensure that Stealth Cam supports the version of iOS that are as old as iOS 4.x.

To conclude the features of Stealth Cam app, we can say that it enables you to snap photos secretly without causing any kind of distraction for others.

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