How To Save Instagram Photos To Your Desktop And Mobile Devices



Instagram comes with one of the best filters and photo editing features which you can use to make your picture perfect. But the service also requires some additional knowledge to gain full benefit. It also comes with a lot of limitations like you cannot upload photo from another app and also saving pictures to hard drive requires third-party service and saving photos to camera roll is also quite hard. So here are some simple ways which can help you save Instagram photos.

How to save Instagram Photos to Hard Drive

It is quite easy to save photo to your desktop hard drive from Instagram. First you need the link to the page where photo is, if the photo is shared by friend you can go to your Instagram account and get it from your home feed.

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On the page right-click the photo and choose Inspect Element from the menu. You might find it with different names in different browsers but in most popular browsers web console option is there. You will have to access web console option in your browser if you can’t find, it do a search on Google to get the answer. In the console you will have to look for the URL for the photo which will be enclosed in src attribute.

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If you are a Google Chrome user you can go to Resources tab in the web console. There you will have to expand the frame and click on the images. Save the image with the long numeric name to your hard drive, this one is your image.

How to save Instagram Photos to Camera roll

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To save your own photos to camera roll go to app settings and enable Save Original Photos. When this option is enabled all your photos uploaded to your Instagram will be saved to album with same name.

How to save Photo without uploading

You can also save the Photo in your camera roll without uploading if you want to use those cool filters of Instagram but don’t want to share the photo. Do the same thing mentioned above but before uploading turn Airplane mode on and upload the photo. This will not upload the photo but still the photo will be saved to album.

How to save Photos uploaded by others

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To do this, use this app Instagrab it is a simple app with user friendly UI which will help you save photos uploaded by others.

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