Review: Sony Xperia M2

xperia 2


A mid-range phone with 4G, excellent for taking photos, listening to music and showing off but not so great when it comes to resolution and display. You don’t get a smart phone this big in that price and its design looks pretty much like that of a much expensive Xperia Z2 so you do get a feel of holding an expensive phone in hand.

Specs overview:

4.8-inch screen with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixel, Snapdragon 400 CPU,4G LTE, 8GB built-in flash, back camera 8Mp,

Look and Design:

It looks just like Xperia Z2 in the first glance. 4.8 inch size, round edges, flat front and back and really slim look makes it one of the coolest looking phones. They have tried to make it look like Z2 but in that attempt, one thing went a bit wrong. See they couldn’t use the same high quality material for making the case so they used black plastic and covered it in a thin layer of transparent plastic to give it the same shiny look that Z2 has. This makes it back more susceptible to scratches. Front is however made of gorilla glass and doesn’t get scratched that easily.

Screen Size and Resolution:

xperia 3

It has got a big screen but not big enough to make you feel uncomfortable holding it. While this big screen looks great while buying it, you might start cursing it when you are using because seriously a resolution of 960 x 540 pixel with a pixel density of 229ppi simply doesn’t go with a screen this big. You can see the effect of pixilation on text beneath the icons quite easily.

Operating System:

It is based on Android 4.3. Sony’s customization has given a good look and performance to the phone. All basic functions work the same way they do on other android devices. Processor in low-end but works fine with this version of OS.




xperia 4

The best part is its camera, gives a perfect resolution and contrast to your photos and gives better results than Lumia 630 and Moto G. It has HDR mode too (best to avoid over sharpening).



xperia 5


Like every other Sony phone, it comes equipped with a long list of built in apps but the good news is some of them are actually useful and you can delete rest of them quite easily.

Over all it is a nice mid-range phone.

Price: $584 Click here to buy.


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