How To Remove/Hide Recent and Favorite Contacts in iOS 8

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According to Apple, iOS 8 is its biggest release ever, boasting tons of new features like extremely smart keyboard, it detects when you are sending a SMS and when you are sending an email and suggests words according to it. iOS 8 also has its state of the art photo editor where user can edit their photos, add special effects and do tons of other exciting stuff on it. It also has in built health app that the user can use to monitor health. This app can connect with the workout app and also with personal trainer and doctor. Just like previous iOS, it also has a similar app switcher built into it.

App switcher is the handiest tool when it comes to multi-tasking. It allows the user to quickly switch between apps.  The app running in background can keep on running such as the weather app that need to keep on refreshing or they can go into standby mode so as to power consumption The app switcher can be accessed by double tapping home button. The app switcher in iOS 8 comes with a new function however; a recent and favorites contact section on top of the app switcher.

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Some iOS 8 users might like the new change but most of find it annoying. Most users already have their favorite contacts on speed dial or in a dedicated shortcut. Whatever the reason maybe, luckily there is a simple fix to removing the contacts section in the app switcher, which will give the users their old app switcher back, just like it was in iOS 7.

To remove the contacts section, follow the simple steps shown below:

  1. In the main menu, tap on the settings app to launch it.
  2. Next, scroll down to the Mail, Contacts and Calendar option in the setting menu.
  3. In the next sub-menu, tap show in app switcher.
  4. In there, switch off both recent and favorites button to remove the contacts section.

Some users prefer to keep the favorites only, in that case the user simply has to turn off the recent button. However, the app switcher UI does not scale up after removing the contacts section, so it leaves the users with a bit of an awkward space on top of the UI after removing the contacts section.

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