How to Remotely Bypass Activation Lock and Turn Off Find My iPhone

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You must be familiar with the popular iPhone feature “Find My iPhone”, for iOS 7 or higher versions. The feature provides you an Activation Lock that prevents others from wiping your data and using your device without your permission. The Activation Lock might prevent the thieves from stealing your iPhone, but you will face issues when you try to get rid of the device by selling it without disabling the Find My iPhone feature. However, the previous owner of iPhone can deactivate Find My iPhone remotely, which will allow the new user to bypass Activation Lock. Let us see how to turn off Find My iPhone remotely and bypass Activation Lock.


You must know the original owner’s iCloud email address and password that is tied with the device. Without that, you cannot bypass Activation Lock or Find My iPhone. The original owner should perform the following steps for turning off Find My iPhone.

Turning Off Find My iPhone and Bypassing Activation Lock

First of all, you need to put your iPhone off or in the airplane mode. If your device is on and Find My iPhone contains an active location, it will prevent you from deleting it. If someone else has your device, ask him to power it off.

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From your desktop PC, go to this link. Sign in using your iCloud ID that is currently attached with the iPhone.

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You will be immediately directed to Find My iPhone. If you aren’t directed automatically, you just need to click “Find My iPhone” from the Home menu.

You need to click on add devices on top of the Find My iPhone screen.

Choose the device of your choice and click on it. It must show up as offline if you desire to bypass the Activation Lock feature.

On the info screen, you need to click on “Remove from Account”.

You will see one more popup asking you for confirmation. Click on Remove.

That’s all you had to do. The new owner of the phone should now be able to bypass the Activation lock and activate it by using his own iCloud account.

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