Priority Hub Brings Blackberry 10 Notification System To iPhone

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Notifications are all your important news and events that you don’t want to miss. One always desires a system that shows notification in a very flexible, convenient and an easy way. Most of the Smart Phones do have systems which display notifications in a simpler manner, but regrettably iOS Phones are not among these Smart Phones. iOS Phones have been struggling where their notification system is concerned, although they have made some improvements based on customers feedback and incorporated some features inspired from jailbreak tweaks – is one tool that tries to overcome limitation in iOS systems–  but they still have a long way to go.

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The tweak we are talking about today “Priority Hub” is inspired from Blackberry 10 OS notification system. It is a free tweak released at the BigBoss repo in Cydia App Store. The basic idea is that it combines all the notification on iPhone Lock screen under their respective apps as you can see in the figure below. As the notifications pile up, their respective app icons are added onto phone’s lock-screen. And you can view notification by tabbing on that particular icon whose notification you want to see. You can also clear the notifications by pulling down the list messages.

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Most of the tweak settings are controlled via the inhabitant setting app in iOS and you are only able to configure two options. The first one is; you can control the number of notification that should be displayed per app, and the second is you can decide the position of all the app icons. Since Priority Hub has the ability to support themed icons, so in-case you have applied a theme on your jailbroken iPhone to change your app icons, it will be reflected within the Priority Hub

Since it is a jailbreak tweak, it goes without saying that Priority Hub won’t work on any device that is running iOS 7.1 or above. iPad is also not supported due to some issues with the device layout. However, it does fully support the 64- bit architecture of iPhone 5s. The developer claims that he plans on expanding the support to embrace all Apple tablets and we are looking forward to it. All in All Priority Hub is a very neat and clean implementation of Blackberry 10’s notification center.


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