New Leaked Photos Indicate iPad Air 2 to be Ultra Slim

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From the last year release of iPad Air, you would have thought that Apple cannot make a tablet thinner than that. However, the new set of leaked photos, related to the next generation of iPad Air, indicate otherwise.

According to Mashable, the leaked images indicate the prototype of iPad Air 2 that is just 7mm thick as compared to 7.5mm of iPad Air. The iPad Air 2 gets into the competition of being slim with iPhone 6 (6.9mm and iPhone 6 Plus 7.1mm). The size of iPad Air is 9.7inches that is ideal for watching movies and songs.

The leaked images show a logic board, home button flex cable, volume control and front panel flex cable, as reported by the MacRumors. The most amazing thing about the main board is that it contains an A8X processor, which is likely to be even faster as compared to the A8 chip found in iPad Air. You will certainly get a better experience of watching HD movies and playing high quality games. iPad Air 2 may feature Retina HD display that would certainly require fast processor and large physical memory. Apple is expected to offer at least 2GB of RAM with iPad Air 2.

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The home button flex cable also indicates that the upcoming iPad Air will contain a Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the home button. This feature is very much similar to that in iPhone 6. The volume control flex cable indicates that iPad Air will not feature a mute button in an attempt to make the tablet slimmer. The recent reports and leaked images have confirmed these facts.

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Apple will hold an official event on October 16 at Cupertino in which it is going to release some latest tablets and the Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.

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The images have been hosted by a Vietnamese tech blog. These images indicate that iPad Air will contain Touch ID as a typical feature of tablets. You will certainly find this tablet really easy to hold in your hand for reading books, watching movies, or playing games. The official Apple’s event is not far away. The people are quite excited about the prospects of the release of iPad Air 2 and some other great products. Join the event and get the chance to experience the latest sensations from Apple.

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