Lookout’s Theft Alert System Helps You Recover Your Stolen Phones



Cell phone stealing cases are growing day by day. The mobile security experts at Lookout states that every one out of ten persons in America faces cell phone stealing. Once the cell phones are stolen, it becomes really difficult to recover them. It’s not just about the phone, but your personal data are also at the expense of the culprit. San Francisco (AFP) based Mobile security start-up, Lookout felt to take serious action over this larceny. As a solution to the issue, the Lookout has launched its new version which specializes in the Theft Alerts. The cautious app becomes active whenever it notices some unusual activities, certainly causing the digital alarms to blare out.

What the thieves do after stealing your phone? Probably they will take out and waste your SIM card, remove programs from your phone or turn off the device. Lookout has deeply synchronized all the possible theft’s behavior to function with the app. The app will take notice of all these activities and will send an email to you. These emails will pinpoint the theft’s location by including maps. Now you can choose other options from the Lookout panel to save your phone. You can lock your phone or wipe out all the memory remotely.

The app will activate the phone’s front camera as it will acknowledge that someone is trying to open your phone with incorrect PIN attempts. In the meanwhile, the snapped photo will be emailed to you, letting you know about the theft and you can easily report to the police.

These new transitions are launched for the Android and iOS devices, but iOS proves unlucky to utilize all the security tools from the suite, as it’s software doesn’t actively supports it. The new add-ons are paid to use, but Lookout has given a chance to use the premium service free for users till 31st September.

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