Google Glass Updated With Three New Features

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Google has just announced its new update on Google Glass. There will be three new features added which are going to be huge for frequent callers and photographers and all this is happening because of user`s comments. Now, you will not miss any phone calls just because audio was in Glass. The three features involve back up videos and photos on cellular connections, ability to clear videos and photos from timeline and smarter call answering.

In the previous version Google only gave the option to back up videos and photos via Wi-Fi due to how much back up takes your precious data. Now, Google has given choice to back up data from Cellular and Wi-Fi due to number of requests by users. To back up, you can just swipe to Auto Backup card located in settings and tap to start back up.

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In the second feature, you can now clear videos and photos from your timeline in one swoop instead to manually deleting them. This will free some precious storage to add more videos and photos. Though it doesn`t seem much of an addition but Google said it is “one of our top community requests.” To clear photos and videos from timeline tap on Auto Backup card and by swiping forward you can free space.

The last feature is smart phone answering. When you answer or make call with your phone only, Phone`s audio will be active and not of Glass audio. While, you make a call with Glass or answer one, it will only activate glass audio not phone`s audio. Best thing is, when you are not wearing glasses the phone call will not route to you Glass.

Apart from these main changes, there will also be more voice commands for third-party apps. Though there is not precise release date for these new features but the project team did mention to look for these changes over the course of this week.

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