Game Review: Grand Theft Auto V

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After 5 years we finally get to see the predecessor of one of the greatest open world game. On the first day, GTA V did a business of 800 million dollars on its 1st day. Comparing this to its predecessor GTA IV, which did a business of 312 million dollars, it is amazing how this franchise has grown over the time.



Comparing it to the release of the GTA franchise of 8 years ago (GTA San Andreas), you see how much Rockstar has improved the visual Quality of the game. The lip synching, character and car modeling, and face expressions are brilliant in every way. You are just completely immersed in cinematics and conversations. The dynamics of cars are greatly improved as compared to their previous versions.

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No doubt the greatest addition to the game is the heist missions. The game is fairly difficult, but it doesn’t put the player in brutal, unforgiving or unfairly difficult situation. The auto check point system has improved so you don’t lose your progress in long missions. There are 3 main characters in the game and you can switch between them at any time. Sometimes when you switch, the other character is doing really awkward stuff. There are over 190 vehicles, modeled on real ones. Rockstar claims that the map is bigger than all in GTA franchise combined.

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Compared to Rockstar’s open world games like Red Dead Redemption or L.A. Noir,the story is not very interesting. This is because the three characters in the game are completely different personalities. But, Rockstar has put some RPG elements like character upgrading and making some choices in missions which makes the story flexible. There are 3 different and distinct endings to the game (which you have to see for yourself). There are 69 main missions and over 50 side stories.



There are some issues in the game, like if you want to upgrade your dog, you have to buy an iOS app, and there is nothing for Android users. The radio becomes repetitive. Some things are purposefully left out for the online version which is multiplayer, and is unfair to players who play in single player mode.

Frankly, these things are so negligible that you won’t be able to be disappointed by them. My recommendation is click here and buy the game.

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