Free Ignition Tweak Offers Apple CarPlay to Your iPad

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Adam Bell has recently released a free tweak Ignition that provides the Apple CarPlay for your iPad. This tweak is extremely useful for users who have mounted their iPad on their car. Ignition runs CarPlay interface directly on top of the SpringBoard, without requiring an external display.

The users of iPhone will be disappointed that Ignition tweak doesn’t work for their smartphones. However, you can still use Ignition tweak on iPhone 6 Plus. On other devices, the app icons will overlap on top of each other, making Ignition unusable.

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You can download Ignition tweak from BigBoss repository of Cydia store. You will see icon of standalone app on your Home screen. The app contains a black history with huge icons so that you can easily glance at them while driving. This tool makes it quite less complicated to navigate.

With Ignition, you can enjoy virtually all features of Apple CarPlay on your iPad. You really don’t have to connect to an external display for utilizing the handy tools. It provides access to many apps such as Music, Messages, Maps, Phone, and other apps.


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When you tap the icon of the tweak, the tool will restart your device and then enables the CarPlay mode in which you can access the interface of Ignition only. The interface also provides an Ignition app icon that allows you to return to the iOS Home screen. On the left side of the interface, you will view the current time, signal strength, as well as a Virtual home button that could take you back to the tweak’s main interface.

The best thing about Ignition is that it will not require the user to type text. It will enable the user to employ voice commands using Siri. The digital voice assistant could read messages for you and then you can reply to the text with your voice and by mentioning the contact name.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply mount your iPad on your car’s dashboard while driving, and enjoy a safe journey while interacting with your friends. You will not get bored throughout your long driving route.

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