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Recently I searched internet for free App review site. Their are tons of site out their, but most of them don’t provide review for free. After we submit the app they send some email they have many Apps pending for review so we have to pay $$$. It was just waste of time

I am starting this site so that any developers or users can get a genuine review absolutely free within 48 hours.  Submit your apps by replying to this post or use contact us form.

Update: 29-12-2013

It has been almost 3 months since I have started this free app review for you. Here are some statistics for you.

Total App Review Request Received: 54

Total Apps Reviewed: 54

Android: 30       iOS: 31   Windows Phone: 1   Blackberry: 0

Note: We can review only one app per request at a time. We request you to submit separate request for each app with a interval of 2-3 days.


  1. Stojan Anastasov
  2. Sergio
  3. ashwin shirva
  4. Antti Vaihia
  5. NEXT BIT studio
  6. Droid Studios
  7. R Singh
  8. PiCiR
  9. Shawkoth Khan
  10. Shawkoth Khan
  11. Aliasgar
    • meegg
  12. Alex Wulff
  13. XsPlay
  14. Matthew Cawley
  15. Rew Techy
    • meegg
  16. Hugehop
  17. Gladdy Glow
  18. Jigar Pandya
  19. Dung Tran
  20. Stefano Malegori
  21. elinabryan
    • elinabryan
  22. Rodrigo González
  23. JelkeSoftware
  24. Babak

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