Famous Cycloramic Panorama iPhone App Now Available for Windows Phones (Free)



The popular Panorama app Cycloramic reaches Windows Phones after winning hearts of Android and iOS users. Taking the renowned panorama experience from Android and iOS to Windows is not intuitive and simple, but Cycloramic will not disappoint you in this regard. You just have to follow the guided system for taking the perfect panorama photo every time. In addition to taking Panorama, you can also edit them within the app.

Cycloramic Panorama App Now Available for Windows Phones (Free)

The arrival of Cycloramic for Windows users is a big win for Microsoft’s platform. It is free to use and contains rather straightforward interface and settings. You just have to launch the app, hit the camera button and guide the phone vertically across a plane from left to right. Once completed, you need to tap the camera button again for switching different images in a single shot.

Cycloramic Panorama App Now Available for Windows Phones (Free) 2

Cycloramic app doesn’t save photos on the camera roll of your device. It saves images within its own storage which is quite odd for Windows Phone users. For viewing the latest image that you took, you can see it on the main page of the app at the top. When you tap it, image will be displayed and you can share it or you may edit the photo using built-in filters.

The app works quite well on Lumia 930 (with Denim) and Lumia 1520 (with Cyan) and the app is quite interesting. The stitching works quite well and it is not too slow either.

There are many negative sides of the picture also. You need a gyroscope for Cycloramic to work properly. So, this feature restricts the choice of Windows Phones on which we can use this Panorama app. Some users report green screens and several other app-to-camera issues. The app might crash your camera app and you may be required to restart the device to use Camera again.

Overall, Cycloramic appears to be a decent app for Windows users. If the bugs are removed, this app will become a solid choice for photographers looking for something different. It is expected that the updated version will be released soon.

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