Facebook launch Groups app for dedicated communities

facebook groups


Facebook groups app is a new standalone app by Facebook to its one of most popular features. For those who are not aware, Facebook groups is an app which allows users to interact easily with certain kind of people, like you can make a group consisting of only your football friends or your movie-lover friends.

Groups have three privacy settings, i) open-anyone can view ii) closed-group will appear in searches but the content is not visible until request to join is approved iii) secret-invite only and not visible in searches. You can then interact with them in the usual way by sharing photos, posting links and updating your status. The groups app for Android and iOS (there is no mention for a windows version of the app) allows you to all that and much more in a standalone app, but unlike the messenger app, the groups function will continue to exist in the main Facebook app.

Launched on Tue, Nov 18 2014, the new app allows user to interact with the groups directly instead of going through four tiring interactions on the main app. It gives faster and easier interactions with the groups using large round icons. Users can easily go from one group to another on the main page. Groups that are visited most often are listed on the top. Additionally, users can easily create new groups just by tapping “Create” instead of going through all the navigation hassle on the main app.

The two most interesting features of this app, however are the notifications and the discover feature. The notifications feature gives you all the notifications of your groups, separate from your newsfeed notifications. The discover feature suggests you new groups based on the pages you have liked, the people you are following, groups your friends are in, your interests etc.

The Facebook groups app is the fifth app to come out of Facebook’s creative labs after Paper, Mentions, Rooms and Slingshot. While this app is currently ad free, with Facebook insisting that it wants “focus on the experience for people before considering any monetization potential.”

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