Easy IOS 7 Tricks to Enhance Your Experience

ios 7 tricks


With great features and great functionality, comes a bit of complexity. To make things easier and more fun for you, here are some iOS 7 tricks you should know about.

Button Shapes

iOS 7 has changed many of the useful button shapes available to users before. This does remove some clutter but creates inconvenience and an alien feel for those who have got used to the pointy arrow shape. To get old shapes for buttons go to settings then tap general and go to accessibility there. Tap on button shapes and there you have them.

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We all accidently delete useful text typed. To get that back there is undo/redo available. Shake you iPhone for undo or tap ?123/ABC button and there you have this undo button in the row above this button. For redo button tap for more buttons (#+- button) and there you have it.

ios 7 tricks 2

Head Gestures

To use left/right head gestures of your head to control your device, go to Accessibility settings and tap on switch control. Tap on switches and then camera. Assign gestures for different tasks and you can use them.

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Long Messages for Siri

Siri has a limit for time she listens and then starts decoding. To force it to listen to long instructions, messages, long reminders etc. tap and hold home button while you speak and it will keep listening until you release the button.

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Custom Mail search

For searching through all mail or a single mail account you can enter the search term and select from the drop down menu which account you want your device to search in for the term entered.

Near Me

It is a location based customized apps recommendation tool (built into App Store). Just turn it on in App Store and it will list apps popular in the region based on your location (requires use of your GPS).

ios 7 tricks 5

Touch ID

You don’t use all your fingers to access your device. To make Touch ID work more accurately for you, scan the figure you use most twice instead of one. This will do the trick.

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iPad Specific Navigation

If you are a frequent iPad user and want your keyboard options available on other devices to you can turn this on while you are using Apple Wireless keyboard. Go to Settings, tap general and then accessibility and turn on voice over. You have multiple options you can assign there.

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Turn Left

While you are walking and need assistance, go to map, get turn by turn directions for destination, select your status as walking and then tap Route. Now as you walk, Siri will keep telling you when it’s time to turn left or right.

ios 7 tricks 8

Permanent Filters for Camera

iOS 7 provides many useful filters for Square as well as Photo mode but finding one you used and liked and want to use again for this photo becomes a pain. You have the option to set a filter permanently to Square or photo mode, just select always instead of once next time you apply these filters.

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