Dungeon Hunter 3 for Nokia Android

Dungeon Hunter 3

Fighting fantasy has always been my dream passion. And for many people out there, who doesn’t like fictional games? Where there is a war going on between humans and aliens! The game that I am about to talk is such a sport. Where you have to fight the evil and conquer the sacred land. Be a hero in this fantasy game and fight and win over your destiny.

The game Dungeon Hunter 3 enrols around the holy land of Gothicus. The story revolves around this holy place where evil has taken over the serenity of that place. You have to emerge out as a hero and fight the evil and win over the sacred land. Victory is waiting for you! Glory is at your doorstep! Challenge your fate and enter the everlasting battle.

Dungeon Hunter 3 is a production of well renowned gaming organisation, Gameloft. Gameloft is well known for its popular games. Most of the games developed by Gameloft are a freeware and are easily available on android and other platforms. To know more about the game produced by Gameloft you can visit their official website: http://www.gameloft.com/

Dungeon Hunter 3 is one of the most famous games available on android and other platforms. Dungeon Hunter 3 is a freeware.

Experience the things faced never before:

With a classic real-time fighting scenario, rediscover the most thrilling fighting experience with a dire. This is one of the most popular hack ‘n’ slash combat gameplay.

Slash your way around 16 different thrilling scenarios. You can play this game in 5 different levels depending upon your gaming skills.

You can also improve your previous set scores by playing any scenario more than once and at any point of time you like. You can also enter the daily challenge, and beat people around you and earn awards as per your achievements.

Evolve Like a Hero:

You are provided with 4 different classes of characters that you can opt at the very beginning- Trickster, Warlord, Shaman and Astromancer. You have also been given the freedom to choose the gender of your selected character. So select the best character and enter the world of evil and make your way through the darkness.

Will you be able to become the sole hero? Will you be able to defeat the evil? Make your way through the darkness and unlock over 1,000 items throughout your audacious expedition. Unlock the items provided and buy them at the right time and emerge victorious.

Once you complete a level, according to your skills you are awarded skill points that you have gained through the evil experience. Unlock new skills and fairy attacks as you more up the ladder of levels.

Beautiful Game Scenario:

With a good 3D experience, visit the evil and holy land of Gothicus in four different unbelievable worlds sets universe.  Gothicus will never be able to amuse you anything more like this.

The 3D graphics and textures will take complete gain of your powerful Nokia gadget by providing you the best gaming experience ever. With beautiful sceneries and redefined textures, advances shaders, amazing lightening effects with 3D animation effects that provide a super fluid stunning gaming experience.

Feel the heat of the battle with amazing sound effects.

How to get Dungeon Hunter 3?

This game is a freeware and is available on all smart phone platforms. Simply follow the links provided below and download and install the game manually on your Nokia Android.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

To learn more about Dungeon Hunter 3 visit: www.gameloft.com/mobile-games/dungeonhunter3/

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