Download Best Emoji Predictive Texting Keyboard for iPhone: Emoji Type



Emoji is a sort of a small icon that is quickly becoming popular in text messages. Originally used only in Japan, it is fast now becoming a trending way of expressing yourselves. iPhone users, too have an access to this new feature. In iOS 8 there is dedicated keyboard which the users can use to send these fancy little icons. However, now there is a better and much simpler alternative available, Emoji Type.

Emoji Type is available on the Apple App store for $ 0.99. Emoji type is similar to the default keyboard of iOS 8, but with a small change. Instead of words appearing on the predictive typing bar on top of the keyboard, the user gets emoji suggestions based on what is being typed. For instance if travelling is being typed, the user will get airplane, bus, car etc. or if clothing is being typed the suggestion bar will list various dresses and clothing items. Due to the limited space of the suggestions bar, maximum of five emojis can appear on it. Made specifically for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it’s a neat and nifty app to make your messages more expressive. It is however, available on older phones also that run iOS 8.
emoji type predictive keyboard for iphone 1

The keyboard of Emoji type can also be used as a default keyboard as it has all the features of the default keyboard and looks exactly like it. It contains punctuations, special characters and special accents just like in the original iOS 8 keyboard. Emoji type is compatible and can be used in all popular messaging applications like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc.

This app is a must have for heavy emoji users as it is one of the most convenient ways to get emojis into their messages and conversations. For the new emoji users looking for a different way of expressing themselves, this app gives them the tools they need to do that.
So quit waiting and download now the Emoji Type from the app store.

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