Destroy Sent Messages from Recipient’s iPhone

Destroy Sent Messages from Recipient’s iPhone 1


The users of iPhone can send and receive messages with the aid of default text SMS or in the form of iMessages. Unfortunately, both these modes don’t allow senders to delete messages from the recipient’s iPhone. If you regret situations in which you mistakenly send messages to unintended recipients, you must use third party chatting apps. CoverMe is the ultimate secure messaging app for iPhones that offers plenty of valuable functions including the ability to destroy sent messages from recipient’s iPhone.

With CoverMe installed in your iPhone, you have complete control over your messages even if they are sent. You will know when the recipient has read the messages. You can also remotely wipe out the threads. If you ever happen to send a private photo or text message to a wrong person, then you can initiate the remote wipe instruction to remove the messages.

Another great feature offered by CoverMe is embedding the self-destructing capability in messages. The messages will disappear once they are read. You don’t need to worry about your private messages being spread or stored somewhere.

The useful functionality of CoverMe app to destroy sent messages from recipient’s iPhone carries significant importance in cases when you utter harsh words to someone and then immediately realize your mistake. Pull the undesired conversations and wipe them forever.

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