Customizing Your Snooze Time On Your iPhone With Snooze [Jailbreak Tweak

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iPhone consist of an alarm system that permits you to set multiple alarms. You can modify the alarms for example you can define the time when the alarm has go off, or how many times should the alarm be repeated. You can also set individual ring tones for each alarm. iPhone allows you to customize your alarm, but I wish it also permitted us to customize the snooze.

I always wanted a tweak through which I could control my snooze time. It always irritated me that I can’t set the snooze time in accord to my wishes. But not anymore, Snooze has given me the option of customizing snooze time. It brings custom snooze to my iPhone.

customize iphone alarm 1

Snooze is a new and amazing tweak that permits you to customize your snooze time. Now you can easily change the snooze from the original 9 minutes interval. The first step towards using the app is; you have to download and install it on your iPhone. Once you are done with downloading and installing, it’s time to set up your snooze. The apps user friendly interface makes it very easy for you to customize your snooze time. You can change the snooze time of an already created alarm by clicking on the edit alarm setting. From there you would see additional setting through which you can customize your snooze time. Also, if you hit create new alarm button, you would be able to see these additional setting at the end.

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Tab on the “Snooze time” given at the end on the right side of the application. Once you tab on it, a new dialogue box open up, prompting you to set the snooze time according to your own wish. Type in your snooze time and hit save alarm option. Now in the morning you can have those extra minutes of sleep before the monotonous alarm goes off again.

Now you can easily grab Snooze from Cydia for only $0.99. Buy this app only if you are among those people who love to hit the snooze button every morning.


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