How to Customize Start Menu in Windows 10 

Customize Start Menu in Windows 10 

Windows 10 has revived the Start Menu, much to the delight of the users, and guess what? It is more customizable than ever before and it retains many of the properties of Windows 8 that we all came to like. This is how you can customize Start Menu in Windows 10.

Quick links

The quick links are changed in Windows 10 and you will find items on the top along with the user profile and power options. It is not as intuitive though as the pinning live tiles, which we will get to below, because you kind of have to drag links from the shortcuts on the desktop, but removing them is quite simple. Just right click on the quick lick and click on remove from list and you are good to go.

Customize Start Menu in Windows 10 

Live Pin Tiles

This is the pin view of apps that is available on the right side of the start menu and gives Window 8-esque look to it. To pin a tile to the Start menu, just go to the All Apps view and then right click on the desired app to “Pin it to Start Menu”.  You can also move the regular apps from the left side to the right, similarly they can also be pinned to the taskbar.

To remove them just right click on the tile and choose Un-pin from Start Menu.  You can also resize their size by right clicking on a tile and choosing resize. These tiles are controllable like in Windows 8 and you can rearrange them to your liking.

Customize Start Menu in Windows 10 

Resizing Start Menu

You can resize the Start Menu by left clicking on the top and dragging it up or down. Your live pins will adjust accordingly.

Customize Tab

You can also go to the Start Menu tab from properties and click on customize to place desired links such as Documents, PC settings, Pictures or Control Panel which can come in real handy.

Customize Start Menu in Windows 10  4

Main thing you guys will notice is that by removing all the live tiles you can make this look pretty much like Windows 7.

Customize Start Menu in Windows 10 

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