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What Mozilla Firefox always provides and Google Chrome never does is a clean, simple, nice desktop notification informing you that the video you had put on downloading has been downloaded successfully or the book you wanted to save to your computer in pdf is now available for you to read because it has finished downloading.

Download Notifier is a browser extension that integrates the same feature into Chrome. Google Chrome does show downloads in progress at the bottom of screen all the time and that is pretty neat, but if you happen to click the little cross button accidentally, there is no way to restore download bar unless you start another download. To check the progress of downloads, you will either have to press Ctrl+J or go to menu>>downloads. Download Notifier puts you to relax mode there because it will let you know as soon as download is complete.

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Google Chrome split its browser from apps and made desktop notifications available for apps. Download Notifier is integrated into the same notification system of Google Chrome. Notifications are stacked up on each other in that desktop alert system and for Download Notifier you get a Reveal in Finder option, clicking that will open a folder using your file explorer and you will find your download file there.

This extension will add a Downloads button next to the URL bar. You can hide this button if you like because all it does is take you to Downloads list when you click it. You can see downloads in progress and remove downloads you don’t want to be shown in downloads list.

A major let down however is, there is something Google Chrome’s built in download manager does that this extension does not do. In case of browsers download manager bar at the bottom of screen, if you click a downloaded file that has finished downloading, it automatically opens the file either in browser or with apps installed on your machine to open files of that kind. Download Notifier does not do that unfortunately.

Click here to add this extension to Google Chrome.

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