How to Boost Your Mac’s Sound Volume

Boost Your Mac’s Sound Volume


If you are a user of OS X Yosemite that offers a great multimedia experience, then you must be looking to have a fabulous system for audio output. The built-in speakers and audio output of Mac for OS X Yosemite is not sufficient to provide enjoyment to music lovers. I will show you a simple trick to boost your Mac’s volume and enhance audio output effects to offer versatile options.

The secret of enhancing the Mac’s volume running OS X Yosemite is utilizing the Boom software designed by GlobalDelight. The first iteration of the Boom series received a lot of appreciation. Now, Boom 2 continues and takes the user-experience to elevated levels. Boom 2 is basically a system-wide volume booster that transforms the audio output emanating from the native speakers into clearer, louder, and better sound. It adjusts itself according to your Mac’s specs related to audio hardware.

Features of Boom 2

Boom 2 offers highly customizable features such as Advanced equalizers, complex frequency controls, audio effects and much more. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite music on Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and some other services like never before.

Boost Your Mac’s Sound Volume

Boom 2 is undoubtedly the future of Mac’s audio and it brings an entirely new experience that is created for OS X Yosemite. Boom 2 supports 64 bit processors, contains a brand new look, and is highly user-friendly. It will certainly convert your Mac into a full fledged music player.

Boom 2 is offered in 10 international languages currently. You can enjoy the free seven day trial. It is quite possible that your speakers are damaged and they are not repairable with the help of software. Boom 2 will certainly not work for it. When you are sure that Booms 2 perfectly fits to your speaker set of OS X Yosemite, then you should go for purchasing the full version. The price tag of $14.99 may appear a little steep to you, but when you consider that it is fully customizable according to Mac OS X Yosemite, you will think that you will certainly achieve the worth of your money.


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