Apple launches Cheaper iPod with iSight Camera Just for $199

ipod touch 1

Apple seems to be taking this Social Media campaign quite seriously by launching a device which is unprecedented in terms of price even for an entry level device with these specifications-Breaking Stereotypes. Previously the cheapest in the line was iPod touch 16Gb model with a price of $229. This new fifth generation iPod touch leaves every other device behind because it has the same 16Gb, and it costs you Just $199.

Not only this, it has something which even its expensive brother doesn’t have and that would be a rear facing iSight Camera. It also adds more choice and more color to your life by broadening your choice spectrum from a single shade of Grey to a beautiful rainbow of Pink, Yellow, Silver, Blue, Space Grey and Red.

The only thing this one doesn’t have and $229 model does have is- a loop accessory. And who is going to give any thoughts about that when you are getting iSight rear facing camera, more choice of colors and a saving of $30? You can still get that accessory by paying a trivial amount for it if you want it shipped with your device.

 ipod touch 3

For those who love more music available on device and more memory, you can get 32Gb model only for $249. Comparing it to 16Gb, no iSight camera for $229, this sounds a really great offer. This huge decrease in price seems to be indicating that something coming. Apple wants all of its devices to be sold out before launching new ones so it may not have to bring the prices of these to negligible to sale them out.

 ipod touch 2

With all the focus of iPhones right now, iPod was going into the shadows but this recent decrease in prices will spice the things up for Apple a little for sure. More such offers are expected to come from Apple before the launch of its sixth generation iPods.

About sixth gen iPods, rumor has it that they will be bigger in size because iPhone 6 is expected to be bigger in size and keeping in view the history of Apple, the current model matched iPhone 4. This model has also been blessed with retina display to match that present in iPhone 4 so with iPhone 6 coming, we might expect similar changes and upgrades in sixth gen iPods too.

ipod touch 4

Regardless of the rumors and what might come next, the current huge saving on iPods really does seem attractive for those who can manage to stick to the old technology even when new fishes are in pond.

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