ANTVR Solves Cross-Platform Compatibility Problem of Gaming Consoles

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The introduction of virtual reality handsets has really revolutionized the gaming world. The devices like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus are some examples of such kind of handsets. They carry a major drawback though. Each of the devices is limited to a particular set of games only. Moreover, the devices are only compatible with their own platform.

In order to address these issues, a hardware setup called as ANTVR technology has introduced an open-source device that would work on cross platforms also, called as ANTVR kit. The founder of the company, Qin Zheng said that his team wanted to solve the issues of compatibility of gaming platforms. The virtual reality gaming platforms are not compatible with popular gaming consoles.

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Current statistics show that the company has already made nearly $86,000 of its goal of $200,000 in the matter of just two days. The set starts in price at just $300. The company has explained the reason for this price in the Kickstarter platform. ANTVR technology is not only popular near Chinese hardware manufacturers but also selling the ANTVR kit at cost so as to get it on the market. The campaign will end on June 23, 2014.

The ANTVR kit is totally compatible with the games designed for Oculus Rift. It also carries the compatibility for most PC and console platforms. It can easily connect to all devices that support HDMI including PlayStation, Desktop Computers, Xbox, iPads, iPhones. Blu-ray players, and Android devices. The devices that don’t have HDMI output, you may use HDMI adapters.

The headset contains the display of 1920×1080 HD and markedly different from Oculus Rift, aspherical lens that causes less distortion when it projects pictures of standard ratio. It can be easily worn with the aid of prescribed lens, and one-step positional tracking aids the players from feeling shaky while playing the game.

The transformable controller of the game opens itself up into a gamepad or can be folded up into various shaped for producing the simulation of lightsaber, gun, or steering wheel.

ANTVR also works well with the mobile games so you can easily visualize your Candy Crush experience on it.

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