Amazing iPhone App Helps Arresting Burglars

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App Name: Find My iPhone

Price: Free click to download

Platform: iPhone and iPad

If you were planning to steal an iPhone, this amazing iPhone App Helps Arresting Burglars.  Don’t do that because you are going to get arrested within few minutes of your little stunt just like this fellow did. The story goes something like this: A person broke into someone’s house, stole some valuables (dumb enough to be including an iPhone in those) and just after being seen by the lady who owned the house, ran away with stolen goods. The smart lady had installed “Find My iPhone” on her mobile, she tracked her device and informed police about location of the thief. While police were busy investigating the burglar, finding some clue to turn him in, this lady sets an alarm on her stolen device, making sure they find it there, hence resulting in the arrest of the burglar. She got all her valuables back just because she was smart enough to own an iPhone and make perfect use of the available functionality.

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In another news report Police recoup $14,000 worth of electronics stolen from AT&T Foundry on Homer Avenue. With the help of “Find My iPhone,” police arrested a man and woman who allegedly stole thousands of dollars of electronics from a Palo Alto business. “Police credit the ‘Find My iPhone’ application in leading them to the suspects in this case,” the press release states, and encourage people to take advantage of such features in smartphones and other electronic devices.

In another incident a person drives his truck on a high way, stops for a moment at some place and gets robed of his truck and everything inside including his iPhone on the front seat of the truck. He informed police and the burglar was arrested within few minutes. Many other stolen goods were recovered from the burglar thanks to this app.

So once again, if you were planning to steal an iPhone, don’t do it. If you don’t want to get robbed and never be able to recover your valuables, install “Find My iPhone” on your device.

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