If you want to advertise on MeEgg then your advertisement should be according to our niche.

Traffic and Blog Statistics:

This is our latest site stats from the month of December 2013. We update this report after every 3 month and If you have any query you can drop us an Email.

  • Google Page Rank :
  • Monthly Unique Visits: 14,000+
  • Facebook Fans:
  • Twitter Followers:
  • Published Articles: 200+
  • Total Comments: 300+
  • Alexa Rank:  600,322 (15 January 2013)

Advertisement Spots

We offer our clients with a wide range of advertisement solutions. There are couple of advertisement spots available on MeEgg. Here is a detailed list of all the available spots currently available:

1. Header AD (468×60) [Price: $25 $50] [Available]

adver468The Header 468×60 ad is located on top of every page across MeEgg.   

Cost: $25 $50 Per Month
Status: Available


2. Top Banner AD (728×90) [Price: $100 $80] [Available]

This Banner ad is placed below the menu. And it is available on across all the pages of MeEgg.

Cost: $100 $80 Per Month
Status: Available


3. Sidebar ADs (125×125) [Price: $20 $15] [Available]adver125The Sidebar ADs is located on the homepage of MeEgg and all the post pages.

Cost: $20 $15 Per Month
Status: Available


Sponsored Reviews / Sponsored Posts

Your product must be according to our niche.

  •   Sponsored Review / Sponsored Post Amount : $100 $80

Payment mode: We accept Payment via PayPal , Western Union, Skrill (Moneybookers) and Bank Transfer.

Contact: funofads@gmail.com