6 Best Alternatives for Installous Users


Installous was the best known tweak for downloading IPA files and cracked apps, but unluckily it is no more available now. According to Hackulo.us, they were facing several hosting reasons, so they had to take such step. Now the Installous users are seeking for any alternative, however, it is a truth that there can be no substitute to Installous, but we have some suggestions which can be acquired for downloading the IPA files.


vShare app is pretty much similar to the Installous. In fact, it is an exact replica of Installous in performance with just slight changes in the user interface. You will prefer these changes as they made it a bit more exciting than Installous. To acquire this app, you will have to install the “repo.appvv.com” repo and add this repo to Cydia.


iFunBox is a simple and easy alternative but this one is a desktop app rather than a mobile. To use this, you don’t need to learn and try difficult procedures. Simply download and install within the app or you can also use it to install those which you have downloaded from some other source.


This app is like a mirror reflection of Installous in almost every aspect. The AppCake can be a fine choice for Installous users, as dealing with AppCake is very much similar to the way the Installous works. The app is the part of the popular iPhoneCake repo. It shows all the apps listed according to their categories; also it highlights the top 20 apps for every week so that you do not have to search for the top apps and found them readily sorted for you.

IPA Search
This allows you to download the valid IPA files from app.su server instead of searching out one that works accordingly. This is a good choice if you are looking to download the IPA files directly to your iPhone. But in order to install them, you will have to use some additional tool like iFunbox.


AppAddict is an online repository of all the cracked apps for your iDevice. This is relatively a new service with the working criteria very much similar to the AppTrackr.


HipStore is similar to iFunbox as it also works for Desktops rather than your iOS devices. The installation with HipStore is very easy. Just connect your iOS device with the USB cable, download the IPA files and simply drag and drop them to your device.


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