5 Best Free Games for iPhone 6 Plus

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Apple released iOS 8 recently with a great feature for gaming, called as “Metal”. This new API allows the developers to design console-grade games for your iPhone and iPad. You can now play free games for iPhone 6 Plus and experience the fun and enjoyment with the Metal feature. Metal will offer better graphics as compared to the OpenGL technology in iOS 7. This article reviews some of the best iPhone 6 Plus games that take advantage of wonderful graphics features of iOS 8.

Asphalt 8

It is a wonderful free driving game from Gameloft, which is optimized to utilize the graphics and processing power offered by the Apple’s metal technology. If you play this game on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPad Air with the Retina display, you will really enjoy the graphics of the game. You can also play a Metal-exclusive season that gives you the option to race against thrice as many opponents as any other game in the series so far.

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Plunder Pirates

In this game, you will have to build a 3D pirate island, assemble a pirate crew, and then explore the uncharted waters. You will have to fight the rival captains to get their treasure. You will enjoy the plot of one of the best free games for iPhone 6 Plus.

Free Games for iPhone 6 3

Beach Buggy Racing

This is one of the most exciting racing games in which you have to drive your car through the destructible world with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs, and lava monsters. You need to win to upgrade and power up your car.

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Dragon Hunter

This is the race that was thought to be over long ago, but the Demons have returned. You awake from an extreme nightmare to find your kingdom, Valenthia annihilated. You are saved in the battle. You are now gifted with great power and skills. You have to win your kingdom again. You are the only hope for your people.

Free Games for iPhone 6 5

Real Racing 3

This is one of the most amazing and award winning free games for iPhone 6 Plus. You will enjoy different challenges involved in the game. The tracks are quite realistic. You can also play with your friends in a multiplayer mode. You will find your dream cars like Ferrari, Porche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Buggati, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

Free Games for iPhone 6 6


The aforementioned games were just the glimpse of plenty of amazing games released for the latest flagship sensation from Apple, iPhone 6 Plus. You will enjoy playing games on 5.5-inch screen with awesome graphics. You can explore the Apple app store for more free games for iPhone 6 Plus that utilize the excellent graphics and processing capabilities.




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